About Us
Shenzhen WeDoInnov Co., Ltd. is established in 2013 at Shenzhen, China. We are a national high-tech enterprise that focus on research and development, manufacturing and marketing of video collaboration hardware solutions. Under the highly information-based environment, SMEs still face difficulties to get stable and affordable solutions for effecient video communication and collaboration. Our mission is to improve video collaboration efficiency for SMEs and our core competitiveness is keep innovating and always persuing a better solution. During years of development, we have been delivering excellent audio and video hardware solutions with affordable cost world widely and helped improving communication effeciency successfully, thus have won great reputation in this industry.
R&D Advantages
Strong research and development capabilities are the solid foundation for WeDoInnov's continuous development. The company's engineers and technicians are all from the first batch of professionals in consumer electronics, audio and video industry in Shenzhen. They have rich experience in research, design and development of various digital video and audio products. In addition, WeDoInnov has continuously increased its investment in research and development in recent years, and has greatly improved the level of research and development. In terms of R&D capabilities, WeDoInnov has always been one of the leaders in this industry.
Company strength
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